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Typical TruView System Hardware SetupThe TruView Rapid Processing and Analysis (RPA) processing system by GeoSpectrum Technologies provides truly generic processing that enables sonar operators to efficiently and effectively mine large data sets for valuable intelligence.

Our software division focuses on developing leading-edge software, algorithms, and systems for various sectors that require acoustic surveillance using reusable modules.  We support a number of areas related to acoustics and signal processing, including: underwater acoustics – target detection, localization, classification, and tracking; acoustic and seismic target detection, localization and tracking; autonomous underwater vehicles; multi-sensor data fusion; and innovative data display development.

TruView LogoOur team has developed an understanding of fundamental issues by working as sonar/acoustic operators, supporting and conducting real-world sea trials, and working with end-users as they provide value-added experimentation, data analysis, software/systems engineering, and operational input.

GuardBuoy deployment in the Emerald Basin off the coast of Nova Scotia, M20 Bottom Frame Hydrophone System for Shallow Water Installations
M518_on_deck_200x146The TruView package is ideal for Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) applications and is the perfect companion to the M518 Towed Directional Sensor from GeoSpectrum. Click here to see more information on the M518.

TruView Secure Features:

  • Process data at many times real time (8X – 100X real-time have been demonstrated)
  • Process multiple resolutions and modes in parallel (default is 12)
  • Optimize processing for submarines, surface ships or a wide variety of marine mamma vocalizations and transients — long and short
  • Utilize turn-key configurations for towed arrays, DIFAR sonobuoys (with colour bearing displays) & omnidirectional sensors

TruView Data Screen - Marine Mammal Vocalizations

Processed Data of Marine Mammal Vocalizations

icon_PDFDownload the TruView Sonar Processing Software brochure (PDF – 510kb) [UPDATED]

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