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TRAPS Header
TRAPS Towing Configuration (Operational)GeoSpectrum Technologies is proud to offer TRAPS, a compact, low-cost active passive variable depth ASW sonar. TRAPS meets the compact footprint required for small combatants and the performance required to detect submarines, torpedoes, and surface ships.

The Towed Reelable Active Passive Sonar system was developed as a single-tow Vertical Projector Array (VPA) to eliminate the need for the special handling required to deploy and retrieve towed VPAs. By reeling the specially-designed projector directly onto the winch drum, special overboarding equipment, ship time, and manpower are greatly reduced while productivity and relevant data collection is improved.

TRAPS is ideal for littoral operations and very useful in deep water as part of a multistatic system.

TRAPS Winch Installed in ISO Container

Curtiss-Wright LogoContainerized TRAPS System (Winch & fairlead supplied by INDAL Curtiss-Wright)

The modular design of TRAPS provides a variety of installation options, including containerization on multi-mission vessels and standard deck-mounting.

The TRAPS system is ideal for small combatants such as OPVs, corvettes, ships of opportunity, and USVs. Applications include naval defence/surveillance, drug interdiction, homeland security, and other water-borne policing.


  • Directional passive towed array
  • Vertical projector array
  • Armoured tow cable
  • Neutrally-buoyant tow cable
  • Slip-ring winch and fairlead
  • Power amplifier, step-up transformer, and signal generator
  • Control console & sonar processing software with real-time detection, classification, and localization


Frequency 2 kHz
Source Level 213 dB/1 ╬╝Pa
Transmit Omni-directional
Receive Directional Receive Array
Detection Range 1 CZ Typical
Minimum Operating Depth – Full Power 10 m
Maximum Operating Depth 150 m
Tow Speed 17+ kts
Survival Speed 25+ kts
Winch & Fairlead Footprint 2.0 m X 4.2 m X 1.8 m high
  • Compatible with hull-mounted sonar, dipping sonar, and sonobuoys for bistatic and multistatic operations
  • Surface operation without cavitation
  • Compact winch and fairlead
  • Horizontal beam pattern
  • Left-right ambiguity resolution
  • Multi-target tracking
  • Built-in health monitoring/BIT
  • ADEOS-based processing software designed with advanced displays, analysis tools, and intuitive workflow to aid operators and reduce training requirements
  • Adjustable source level and monitoring for marine mammals


  • Active torpedo detection
  • Torpedo decoy
  • Passive receiver
  • Black box pinger detection
  • Sonobuoy processor

icon_PDFDownload the TRAPS Brochure (PDF – 497kb) [v1.2]

icon_PDFClick here to view a news release regarding the BCIP TRAPS award in PDF form.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.