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M33 Tonpilz Sound Source header
M33 Tonpilz Sound Source Group ShotGeoSpectrum Technologies currently offers the following Tonpilz Sound Source models:

M33-300 Tonpilz

M33-300 Tonpilz Sound SourceThe M33-300 is a rugged, high-power Tonpilz designed for use in a hull-mounted sonar. The built-in tuning network allows for optimised active and passive operation. The transducer is encapsulated with a neoprene coating and includes an underwater cable and connector. Mechanically-isolated mounting studs are fixed in the cable end of the transducer. See the specification sheet for more information.

Download the M33-300 Tonpilz specification sheet

M33-100 Tonpilz

M33 Tonpilz - Original ModelThe M33-100 transducers are highly directional and operate at 12 kHz. They are completely encapsulated in an epoxy and polyurethane overmold for high reliability. Specially-designed mounting brackets minimize the impact on the transducers acoustic performance.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.

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