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Free Flooding Ring Header
Free Flooding Ring TrioA free-flooding ring (FFR)
projector has unlimited depth capability and a bandwidth of about an octave.  The frequency of operation depends on its diameter and height; large FFRs operate from about 1 kHz and up and can generate 100 kW of acoustic intensity.  The radiated power is maximum broadside and minimum near endfire.

Our line of standard FRRs are for frequencies of 4 kHz and up and are based on solid ring piezo-electrics with fibre reinforcement, potted to maintain a small package size.

GeoSpectrum designs larger, segmented FFRs for frequencies between 1kHz and 4kHz. We can accurately model performance to meet your specific needs, either for your production or for production at a 3rd party facility.

M27-931 Communications Transducer (Endcap Mountable)
M27-931 FFR Group ShotGeoSpectrum has introduced the M27-931, a Free-Flooding Ring transducer modified to have a hemispherical beam pattern, making it ideal for communication systems. The performance of the M27-931 is similar to the ITC 3013. The standard version comes with solderable pins. The base plate can be modified to accommodate various bolt patterns and connectors.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.

icon_PDFDownload the M27-931 Specification Sheet *NEW*

icon_PDFDownload the M27-3120 Specification Sheet

icon_PDFDownload the M27C-4000 Specification Sheet
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