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GeoSpectrum designs and manufactures different families of sound projectors, each suited to a particular frequency range and power output. Unlike hydrophones, which are used over a wide frequency range, a sound projector is almost always used near its fundamental resonance where its power output and electroacoustic efficiency are greatest. GeoSpectrum customizes its sound sources to each customer’s needs. It is able to do this quickly because of its knowledge of what projector type to use, its advanced modelling capability, and its stock of commonly-used ceramics. GeoSpectrum will also perform NIST-traceable acoustic calibrations and provide a certificate of compliance.

Which projector type to use depends on your requirements. The five projector types below cover many requirements, but GeoSpectrum also produces other projector types.

GTI M18 Product Line
GTI M21 Product Line
GTI M27 Free Flooding Ring (FFR) Product Line
Sound Source Panel - M33 Tonpilz
GTI MPS Product Line

icon_PDFDownload the GTI Towed Sound Source brochure

GeoSpectrum Technologies supplies a wide range of transducer components suitable as replacements to your OEM sound source equipment. Visit the Replacement Transducer Components page to find out more.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific sound source needs.