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Replacement Transducer Components
GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc. specializes in the production of custom-designed transducer-based sound sources and hydrophones, building our own acoustic components from scratch.

M27-930 Free Flooding Ring

M27-930 FFR – Oil-filled for Pressure Compensation

Consider GeoSpectrum Technologies as your source for transducer components, or for replacement parts for an existing system.

If you are looking for new or replacement transducer components for equipment supplied by ITC (a subsidiary of Channel Technologies Group), contact GeoSpectrum Technologies now to see what we offer.

Our products are made from quality core components, manufactured from materials equivalent to those used by ITC and other well-known, more expensive transducer manufacturers, and GTI products look and operate the same.

Free Flooding Ring Trio

Standard M27 Free Flooding Rings

Our factory has the capacity to produce hundreds of transducer components per month in circumstances where mass-produced components are required. In addition, we can sort and match to get consistent electrical properties to meet your needs.

M18 Spherical Transducer - Available With and Without Connector

M18 Spherical Transducer – Available in a variety of diameters from 1 inch and up

GeoSpectrum can supply new or replacement transducer-based hydrophones and systems with products whose specifications meet or exceed the original equipment.

It’s what we do.

GeoSpectrum Technologies has a full selection of hydrophones, sound sources, towed and moored arrays, transducer components, and complete turn-key packages to meet your acoustic requirement.

M18 Spherical Transducer - Available With and Without ConnectorFor more information on what we can do for you, or for recommendations on GTI replacement components, fill out the short form below and one of our sales representatives will reply with the information you need.

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