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portable acoustic target header
towed_echo_repeater_from_small_vessel_01-400x221GeoSpectrum Technologies has developed a towed acoustic source suitable for use as an echo repeater, a target simulator and augmentor, and a receiver. The system is compact, lightweight, reconfigurable, and suitable for operation from small vessels.

The slip ring winch and A-frame are electrically-powered.

The system footprint is 2.4 m L x 1.4 m W x 1.5 m H when stowed and weighs approximately 900 kg.

Tow performance for the system:

  • 45 m depth @ 8 knots
  • 55 m depth @ 6 knots
  • 75 m depth @ 4 knots

Towed Echo Repeater System with Sound Source-equipped V-Wing and M512 Hydrophone

Towed Echo Repeater System with A-Frame, Depressor Source and M512 Hydrophone

The baseline system can be reconfigured to accommodate a variety of towable sensors, each specifically designed for use with this system.

Various Compatible Sound Sources from GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc.: M18 (spherical), M21 (benders), & M27 (free-flooding ring)

Various Sound Sources from GTI: M18 (spherical), M21 (benders), & M27 (free-flooding ring)

Each of the GeoSpectrum Technologies sound sources is specifically designed for optimum performance for a given requirement.

Let us know what you are trying to do and we can provide what you need.

The modular design of this system provides the option to supply it as a containerized package. GTI can tailor the system specifications to meet your requirements – contact us today to discuss the details!

Compact Towed Echo Repeater System with Winch, V-Wing Depressor, M512 Hydrophone, Cable, and HardwareFor more basic installations, stripped down versions of the towed repeater system are available, such as the basic winch package shown at the right, consisting of a small winch, depressor, sensors, and towing & electrical hardware.

icon_PDFDownload the Portable Acoustic Target Brochure (517kb)
icon_PDFDownload the Towed Sound Sources Brochure

THUMBNAIL - DST TAPS System Shepherd Media Artcle, May 23, 2017The Australian Department of Defence’s Defence Science and Technology (DST) group has acquired a Portable Acoustic Target system from GeoSpectrum. Read the Shephard Media article here.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.