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header_new_productsGeoSpectrum Technologies Limited is pleased to offer these new products as part of our growing line of transducer-based sensors and systems. Download each products’ brochure or spec sheet for more information or contact GeoSpectrum directly with your inquiries.

LRAM – Long-Range Acoustic Messaging System

Long Range Covert Communication with Submarines

LRAM System Components

LRAM System Concept Illustration

LRAM System Concept with Expendable Buoy and Persistent USV Options

LRAM provides integrated under water (UW) communications covering both broad ocean areas and the shallows up to the shore line.

The common LRAM modem architecture can be applied to submarine, UUV, and diver communication as well as remote activation of underwater devices. LRAM also enables the production of a multimode receiver capable of receiving all modes, and will allow 2-way communications with a distressed submarine.

LRAM utilises a proven scalable modem software architecture designed to provide robust, reliable, and power-efficient through-water communications to extended ranges.

The system enables co-operative Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) between submerged submarines and UUVs and air and surface assets. LRAM provides on-demand connectivity to submarines and UUVs operating in direct and associated support, increasing the value of UW platforms as fleet assets.

Contact GeoSpectrum Technologies for more information.

icon_PDFDownload the LRAMS Brochure (PDF – 393kb)


Towed Reelable Active Passive Sonar (TRAPS) System Installed in ISO ContainerTowed Reelable Active Passive Sonar System

TRAPS is a compact, low-cost active passive variable depth sonar solution, meeting the compact footprint required for small combatants and the performance required to detect submarines, surface ships, and marine mammals.

Visit the TRAPS product page for more information.

icon_PDFDownload the TRAPS System Brochure [UPDATED]

icon_PDFClick here to view a news release regarding the BCIP TRAPS award in PDF form.


Persistent ASW for Unmanned Vehicles

CLICK HERE to download this video in Flash Video (.FLV) format (800×450, 16MB)
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icon_PDFDownload the Towed Directional Sensor (M518) Brochure

The M518 Towed Directional Sensor has a dedicated product page; please click here to view the page and get the latest information!

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.