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GeoSpectrum Technologies M518 is a family of towed directional sensors with advanced capabilities for detecting surface ships, submarines, and marine mammals.

The M518 is a lightweight, low drag payload designed to be towed from low propulsion, autonomous vehicles, such as the Liquid Robotics™ Wave Glider™, and other small USVs or AUVs. The M518-101 product family supports both a direct link mode to the tow vehicle and self-recording mode using on-board storage.

The on-board electronics of the M518 runs a portable version of the powerful TruView™ Processing Software, allowing each M518 unit to act as an autonomous monitoring and proximity-sensing device. Automated processing of acoustic data, combined with a direct link to the tow vehicle provides the capability to generate remote detection alerts without intense data processing. If a remote detection is triggered, further processing of the collected data can be initiated via the TruView software package on the ship to determine the nature of the contact. Multiple M518 units can be deployed simultaneously, acting as independent monitoring devices at different depths, and have their combined data streams post-processed with the full-featured TruView data processing system in a lab on the monitoring ship.

The M518-500 consists of the M518 towed electronics with a GTI M512, 2-element towed sensor, which provides a higher frequency bandwidth suitable for Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) applications. When deployed in shallow water, M518 will accurately detect surface vessels in the vicinity, while deep-water deployment configurations allow for the detection of submarines and other sub-surface vessels and devices.

Specifications (M518-100 Only)
Length 147cm [58in]
Mass 14kg [31 lbs]
Buoyancy Neutral

The M518 can also be used to detect marine mammals.

TruView Software Data Display Screen

   TruView Software Data Display Screen


The TruView™ Rapid Processing and Analysis (RPA) processing system, developed by GeoSpectrum Technologies, provides full-featured data processing that enables operators to efficiently and effectively mine large data sets for valuable intelligence. Click here to find out more information on this software.

General Specifications:
Low Frequency Directional Sensor

  • 5 Hz to 3,000 Hz (standard, other options available)
  • 3 Acoustic Channels (X-Y Dipole, Omni)

Non-Acoustic Module

  • Processing Electronics, Power Supply & Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • Real-Time Remote Detection Alerts and/or Self-Logging
  • Roll, Pitch, Yaw (Heading) Sensor
  • Depth Sensor
High Density Foam Nose Section

  • Tow cable mechanical termination

Automated Processing

  • Detects surface ships, submarines, and/or marine mammals
  • Narrowband, broadband, and/or transient detection
  • Fusion with other target data to aid in classification and discrimination

M518-500_Product_ShotThe M518 system supports serial and ethernet communication protocols to permit integration with a variety of vehicles.

M518-500 with M518 towed electronics and GTI M512, 2-element towed sensor

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icon_PDFDownload the Towed Directional Sensor (M518) Brochure

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.