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M36 Wide Band Omni-directional Hydrophone for Marine ObservationThe M36 hydrophone was developed as an aid in the area of marine observation. The M36 is available in various configurations, including two depth ratings, current or voltage pre-amp signalling, and 0-35dB gain, all selectable at time of order.

The M36 comes standard with a male 8-pin micro bulkhead connector from Subconn.

Download each products’ specification sheet for more information or contact GeoSpectrum directly with your inquiries.


The M36-100 is a wide-band omni-directional hydrophone designed for marine observation. It comes with a pre-amplified output of 0 to 35 dB (selectable on order) with current or voltage signalling (also selectable at time of order) and is capable of deployments up to 2500 metres.

M36 Wide Band Omni-directional Hydrophone for Marine Observation

icon_PDFDownload the M36-100 Hydrophone Specification Sheet


The M36 is also available as the M36-600, a deep-water version of the M36-100 capable of deployment in water depths up to 6000 metres.

M36 Wide Band Omni-directional Hydrophone for Marine Observation

icon_PDFDownload the M36-600 Hydrophone Specification Sheet

Nominal Voltage Sensitivity (without preamp) -200 dBV re 1 µPa @ 20°C
Size 7.8” length, 1.3” max OD
Depth Rating 2500 m / 6000 m
Storage and Operating Temperatures -40 to +70°C
Acceleration Sensitivity <1.5 mbar/g, in air, any axis
Labelling Calibration parameters, serial number, date
Connector MCBH-8M
Preamp signalling Current, single-ended voltage, or differential voltage (selectable on order)
Gain 0 – 35 dB (selectable on order)
Input Voltage 6.8 VDC nominal
4.5 – 30 VDC operating range
Band Pass 5 Hz HPF, no LPF installed (unless otherwise specified)
Buoyancy Neutral
IRN <30 nV/√Hz @10 Hz
<4 nV/√Hz @1 kHz
Current Draw 1.3 mA (at 6.8 VDC)
4.2 mA with current signalling preamp

M36 Frequency Response (without preamp)

M36 Frequency Response (without preamp)

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.

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