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Guard Buoy
M511-200 GuardBuoyThe GeoSpectrum Technologies M511-200 GuardBuoy is a high-performance passive listening buoy capable of real-time embedded signal processing for autonomous detection of marine mammals, marine traffic and many other underwater noises.

Unlike other high-performance buoys, the performance of GuardBuoy does not come at the expense of high-power consumption and short deployment times. GuardBuoy can synchronously sample up to four hydrophone inputs at over 500 kHz to handle just about any scientific requirement.

This buoy has live Ethernet for real time research, Bluetooth for configuration and highspeed USB for ultra-fast data downloads.

Depth Rating 200 m
Diameter 14.1 cm
Length 79 cm
Weight 12 kg
Audio Up to 4 synchronized hydrophone inputs
16 or 24 bit samples at up to 512 kHz sampling rate (configurable)
Wide Range of available hydrophone
Communications 10/100 Ethernet (for real time listening)
RS422 or RS232/ Bluetooth /USB
Real-time notifications over cellular or iridium
Memory Up to 512 GB of internal solid state storage
Integrated hard drive options available
Power Standard battery pack uses 40 D cells
12V output at 1 A nominal for powering external devices
Can use internal or external power (8-30 V) with priority on external power
Auxiliary Sensors Pressure / Compass / Accelerometer
Real-time clock
GPS input

icon_PDFDownload the M511-200 Specification Sheet