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GeoSpectrum builds acoustic arrays for a variety of purposes. We build OBC arrays for autonomous acoustic surveillance, towed arrays for marine mammal detection, and down-hole arrays for health monitoring of oil wells. All our arrays can be configured for digital or analogue outputs, autonomous or wired operation, and can include omni-directional, 2-axis or 3 axis directional sensors. We use high S/N piezoelectric based transducers, not MEMS.

The M512-600 is a towed omnidirectional hydrophone and includes an electrical tow cable, rope drogue, and is neutrally buoyant. The hydrophone includes a pre-amplified output of 0 to 35 dB (selectable on order) with current signalling.
The M512-600 can be fitted with two hydrophones for increased reliability or directional capability. It is designed for towing at up to 7 knots.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.

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