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Coherent Seismic Sources
GeoSpectrum is developing a coherent seismic source using its MPS (Modular Projector System) technology. The MPS has advantages over conventional projectors and is well suited to a powerful, sub-sonic, coherent source. The strengths of an MPS are:

  • Reliability
  • Maintainability
  • Power
  • Bandwidth
  • Greater Electroacoustic Efficiency

MPS technology has been under development at GTI for over five years. The first MPS could fit in the palm of your hand. Five years later, the photo shows the latest MPS to be designed, manufactured and tested by GeoSpectrum.

As its name implies, an MPS is built from identical modules. Each module is simple and reliable. The number of modules determines the power, bandwidth and resonance frequency. At the lowest sub-sonic frequencies, doubling the number of modules results in a four-fold increase in acoustic power so there is no limit to the power so long as the size, weight, and cost are acceptable. The MPS is electrically-driven and the acoustic output is a low-distortion replica of the electrical input. An MPS can be driven continuously and its electroacoustic efficiency exceeds 50% at resonance. Degradation of performance will be gradual if sub-modules within modules require replacement. These attributes of a MPS are in stark contrast with conventional projector technology, which builds a projector as one large structure. A conventional projector is either working, or not, and its power output is limited by its size. Today GTI have sources suitable for high resolution surveys and plan in the future to extend this to very low frequency sources.

Please contact us for further details or to discuss your specific needs.