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GeoSpectrum’s high-speed hydrophone calibrator can be equipped to measure voltage sensitivity and capacitance as a function of temperature, shallow depths and signal amplitude. Distortion can be measured at any combination of temperature, depth, and signal amplitude. The graphs show the variation in performance of the M2 hydrophone as a function of temperature and depth.

Parameters measured Votage sensitivity Capacitance
Temperature range -20 °C to + 80 °C
Pressure range 0 to 5.5 bar gauge
Dynamic pressure Adjustable: 100 µbar to 100 mbar
Calibration accuracy ± 0.5 dBV (NIST traceable)
Repeatablility ± 0.1 dBV
Quantity calibrated per cycle Up to 10
Cycle time for 10 hydrophones 30 seconds
Measurement medium Air
Stabilization time at each temperature 4 hours minimum
Measurement frequency 26 Hz
Data recorded (written to data base) Serial number
Signal Amplitude
Date and time of calibration
Voltage sensitivity
Capacitance and dissipation
Charge sensitivity (calculated)